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The eServices of Construction Permits
To use the eServices of Construction Permits you need to obtain an approval from the Construction Permits Division in The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City.

- To obtain an approval click here to apply.
(You will receive a username and password once your application is approved).

- If you have already received your username and password from the Construction permits Division click here .

Note: The above-mentioned username and password are used only to access the Construction Permits System and they are different from the username and password used to login to the ADM portal.

The eServices of Infrastructure Permits

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City developed permitting services of facilities & infrastructure projects, and these services will be available online through the existing permitting system (commonly known as CDP). The exact launching date of these services will be announced electronically to all registered users.

Information on Using the System and the Permitting Requirement:

Please click here to download the user manual for the permitting system.

Please click here  to download a presentation on the permitting framework.

Please click here  to download the required documentation for each permit (this guideline is only available in Arabic at this time)

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