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Town Planning Sector
  Urban Planning
  Land Borders Modification
  Pavements Approval for Residential Villas
  Approvals of canopies
  Service Roads and Car Parkings Approval
  Plan and Design of Entrances Approval
  Information on Existing Public Utilities Services
  Extension of Borders for Underground Car Parking Preliminary Approval
  Spatial Data Division
  Land Surveying System Registration
  Aerial Pictures
  Approved Planning Data
  Foundation Maps Data
  Land Control Points
  Point Coordinates within a Plot
  Approved Planning Maps
  Foundation Maps
  Satellite Pictures
  Construction Permits Division
  New Residential Building Permit on Vacant Plot
  New Commercial Building Permit on Vacant Plot
  New Industrial Building Permit on Vacant Plot
  New Facilities Permit on a Vacant Plot
  New Development Permit on a Vacant Plot
  Building Under Construction Additions Permit
  Completed Building Additions Permit
  Established Building Amendments Permit
  Fence Construction on Added Land Permit
  Canopy Inside Plot Permit
  External Gate Addition Payment
  Temporary Tent Inside Plot Permit
  Temporary Tent Outside Plot Permit
  Car Canopy Construction Outside Plot Permit
  New Tower Crane Installation Permit
  Drilling and Support Wall Permit
  Deep Foundations Permit
  D├ęcor Permit
  Comprehensive Building Maintenance Permit
  Temporary Buildings on Temporary Lands Permit (Approved by Urban Planning Division)
  Land Grading Permit
  Building Demolition Permit
  New Residential Building Architectural Approval
  New Commercial Building Architectural Approval
  New Industrial Building Architectural Approval
  New Facilities Architectural Approval
  New Developmental Building Architectural Approval
  Architectural Approval for Modifications to an Existing Building
  Architectural Approval for Modifications to a Building Under Construction
  Architectural Approval for Additions to an Existing Building
  Architectural Approval for Additions to a Building Under Construction
  New Structural System Approval
  Developmental Projects Preliminary Architectural Approval(Pre-Approval)
  New Residential Building Structural Approval
  New Commercial Building Structural Approval
  New Industrial Building Structural Approval
  New Facilities Structural Approval
  New Developmental Project Structural Approval
  Existing Building Structural Approval
  Structural Approval for Modifications to a Building Under Construction
  Structural Approval for Additions to an Existing Building
  Structural Approval for Additions to a Building Under Construction
  Advertising Boards Structural Approval
  Temporary Fences Inspection
  Foundations Inspection
  Tiles Inspection
  Pile Foundations Inspection Monitoring
  Preliminary Building Completion Inspection
  Building Engineering Report From Engineers to Owner
  Temporary Fence Certificate
  Building Completion Certificate
  Consultancy Firm Registration
  Contractor Registration
  Consultancy or Contractor Data Modification
  Consultancy Firm in Charge of Supervising a Construction Project Change Approval
  Contractor Change
  Licence Renewal After the Elapse of 6 Months Without Starting Work
  Construction Permit Application Cancellation
  Construction Permit Cancellation
  Project Submission for Study & Verification
  Land Status Report
  Plan Conformity with Actual Design Approval
  Work Hours Extension on Construction Site
  Documents or Plans from Archives
Municipal Infrastructure & Assets Sector
  Parks and Recreation Facilities
  Underground Water Pumping Permit
  Subsidiary Pipe Connection to a Rain Water Drainage Point Permit
  Green Areas Cutting Permit
  Irrigation or Rain Water Drainage Pipes Relocation Permit
  Issuance of a work commencement notification
  Security Deposit Release Related to Deep Water Drainage
  Request for approval of civil, electromechanical, or agricultural material to use for projects
  Revision, auditing and approval of plans to design new cities
  Consulting Firms Standards Specifications
  Municipal Roads and Infrastructure Division
  Notification of Work Commencement
  Car Accidents Damage Estimation and Aquittance Issuance
  Construction Completion Certificate
  Crane Deployment Non Objection Letter
  Temporary Slope Deployment Non Objection Letter
  Building Demolition Non Objection Letter
  Soil Materials Loading from Approved Quarries Permit
  Bank Guarantee Release to Load Soil Material from Quarries
  Pavement Level Raising Permit
  Excess Material Transfer from Excavation Works Permit
  Demolition Residues Transfer to Approved Regions Permit
  Asphalt Cutting Permit
  Temporary Fence Construction Non Objection Letter
  Request to pay transport-related financial penalties
  Infrastructure design approval
Municipal Services Sector
  Lands & Real Estate
  Properties Ownership Certification
  Site Plan Certificate
  Plot Ownership Certificate - Communal Houses, Villas, Commercial or Agricultural Property
  Investigation Certificate
  External Offices Division
  Violations payment
Support Services Sector
  Procurement Division
  Selling Supported Commodity
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