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EHS : Introduction

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On 6th December 2006, the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi Emirate approved "Abu Dhabi Emirate EHS Policy". The policy aims to achieve excellence in the management and protection of the environment, health and safety, through partnership between all government and private sectors to ensure activities within Abu Dhabi Emirate are undertaken in a responsible, safe and sustainable manner.

In June 2007, a Higher Committee was established with high level representatives from various government entities in Abu Dhabi Emirate, for the purpose of supervising the development of an Environment, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) Framework for implementation within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Emirate Environment, Health and Safety Management System (AD EHSMS) Framework is an Abu Dhabi Government Initiative that was developed to control environmental impacts resulting from workplaces and to ensure safe and healthy conditions for all workers in the Emirate.

The AD EHSMS initiative was officially launched at the national symposium held on 25, 26 and 27 February 2008. Following that, it went through a detailed revision process by different sectors, and in July 2009, documents were re-issued under “Abu Dhabi EHSMS Regulatory Framework”.

The latest version of the AD EHSMS Regulatory Framework (version 1.2, issued July 2009) includes the EHS Policy, the EHSMS Decree (issued 16th June 2009), the EHSMS Manual, Codes of Practice and Guidance Documents. These are published on: www.adehsms.ae

Abu Dhabi Environment, Health and Safety Center (AD EHS Center)

On 2nd February 2010, the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi Emirate issued a Decree approving the establishment of Abu Dhabi EHS Center. The Center aims to ensure the implementation of Abu Dhabi Emirate Environment, Health and Safety Management System (AD EHSMS) through provision of an integrated regulatory framework for management of all issues related to occupational health and safety as well as environmental impacts resulting from working places, in addition to building capacities in the EHS field.

Sector Regulatory Authorities

Currently there are 9 Sectors with private sector entities reporting to the Sector Regulatory Authorities (SRAs). Authority of the SRAs was delegated by Abu Dhabi EHS Center as per Decree No. 42 of 2009.

The SRA for building and Construction is the Department of Municipal Affairs with each entity dealing directly with the relevant municipality in its city (Abu Dhabi Municipality, or Al Ain Municipality, or Western Region Municipality). For additional information, please refer to the following website: www.ehs.dma.abudhabi.ae

The Building and Construction Sector Regulatory Authority is to assist in the development and implementation of the Environment, Health and Safety, Management System (EHSM) for the Building and Construction Industry as required by the Decree No. (42) of 2009. This Decree aims to implement the EHSMS in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through provision of a unified tool at the Emirate Level to facilitate implementation of legislation relevant to occupational Health and Safety, protection of the Environment, and conservation of Nature resources.

Each of the private sector entities is required to, but not limited to:

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